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Electrical heart disease leading to arrhythmias represents a major public health issue because it increases the risk for sudden cardiac death. The EUTrigTreat project investigates arrhythmia initiating mechanisms (Triggers) and addresses therapeutic strategies (Treatments) through translational and interdisciplinary strategies. The multidisciplinary research team of this large-scale collaborative excellence project set out to elucidate molecular and environmental mechanisms which underlie life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias, and how genes and external factors modulate and initiate catastrophic electrical abnormalities in the heart.

PolyGene’s role in EUTrigTreat was to generate more than 20 mouse models for various collaborating groups, and to build a cardiac-specific inducible knockout system to regulate one of those genes. All models were delivered in time to specification, in early phases of the project, to accommodate downstream research in our partner groups within the narrow time frame of EUTrigTreat.

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