About Us

Swiss precision in animal engineering.

PolyGene is a privately held research institute, located in the area of Zurich, Switzerland, offering state-of-the-art transgenic animal model (mouse, rat and rabbit) development services to a world-wide research clientele.

Founded in 2002, PolyGene is run by an international team of scientists with academic and industrial backgrounds, having notable track records as well in mouse transgenesis as in business management.

PolyGene has a strong IP portfolio, including patent rights on innovative antibiotic-inducible expression systems, used exclusively for transgenic service projects.

To achieve its goal of continuously improving cost-efficiency and providing tools to better meet the needs of scientists in their transgenic research endeavors, PolyGene lives by a set of values including:

Quality and Reliability

  • By employing international and best-qualified personnel, motivated to adopt new techniques and desirous of developing their skills by continuous education.
  • By maintaining excellent relationships with key researchers in the scientific field, sharing invaluable views on troubleshooting and technological advances.
  • By implying relentless quality control and resolute adoption of most advanced technologies, strict adherence to standard operating procedures and industry standards.
  • By realization of thoughtful investment strategies focused on delivering highest quality standard results and generating fully secured backup solutions.


  • Highly specialized research and development projects funded by the EU carried out at PolyGene.
  • PolyGene invents, develops, and harnesses most advanced technologies in genetics and related fields.

Cost Efficiency

  • Use of advanced lab techniques and management tools.
  • Continuous optimization of manufacturing processes.
  • Utilizing fast and reliable software systems.
  • Committed to data-driven decision making by exploring in-house data.

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