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PolyGene’s murine LIF for embryonic stem cell research is produced with revolutionary technology resulting in unprecedented product purity.

Product NameSizePrice (€)Ask for a quote
ESLIF (PG-A1140-0100)100 µg (107 units)535.00» Ask
ESLIF (PG-A1140-1000)1’000 ug (108 units5000.00» Ask

Optimized kits for the fast and robust genotyping of mouse biopsies

We offer a complete genotyping kit and protocols (please inquire) for mouse ear and mouse tail biopsy samples. With PolyLysis™, the lysis buffer for tissue biopsies, samples ready for PCR are produced in less than 3 hours. The genotyping PCR kit PolyTaq Kit™ from PolyGene yields superior genotyping PCR results.

Product NameSizePrice (€)Ask for a quote
PolyLysis™ (PG-LY1330-01)1 ml (for 200 biopsies)100.0080.00» Ask
PolyLysis™ (PG-LY1330-05)5 ml (for 200 biopsies)450.00340.00» Ask
PolyLysis™ (PG-LY1330-10)10 ml (for 200 biopsies)800.00600.00» Ask
Product NameSizePrice (€)Ask for a quote
PolyTaq Kit™ (PG-T1220-01)1000 Units (for 1600 reactions)100.0080.00» Ask
PolyTaq Kit™ (PG-T1220-05)5000 Units (for 8000 reactions)450.00340.00» Ask
PolyTaq Kit™ (PG-T1220-10)10000 Units (for 16000 reactions)800.00600.00» Ask

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