The world’s first life insurance for your valuable mouse strains.

PolyGene freeze internal strains, both, to have safe back-up, and to be able to maintain a minimal size of holding colonies. We found that even for actively managed mouse strains, cryopreservation permits to reduce the size of breeding colonies and saves money, headaches, ethical concerns, and provides security.
We do sperm, because we’re good at revitalizing and don’t require the easier-to-thaw but more expensive freezing of fertilized embryos.

Cryopreservation of mouse sperm
PolyGene offers standard services with extended quality: older males are accepted and test-bred, free additional freezing upon unsatisfactory viability is included, and in vivo fertility validation and quality control is applied by default. The validation services yielding fertilized embryos developing to blastocyst stage make an expensive retransfer quality control step unnecessary.
Deliverables Standard mouse sperm cryopreservation Premium mouse sperm cryopreservation
Sperm isolation from two verified and fertile males Pooled Separated
Freezing in N2 tank Pooled in 20 + 2 straws Separated in 2 x 12 straws
Additional mouse will be frozen if the outcome of IVF is not optimal Optional Optional
Download our white paper on Mouse Sperm Cryopreservation and Strain Recovery.
Rederivation of mouse sperm
In addition to the standard mouse sperm freezing, we offer great rederivation options, and as an extra, a premium offer, MouSure – our mouse life insurance, that works like a eyeglass insurance: you break it or you loose it, we fix it. With a premium on the yearly storage costs, we offer a no-questions-asked recovery service.

Cryopreservation of mouse sperm

Standard Premium
1’480 € 1’980 €

Rederivation of mouse sperm

Standard Premium
210 €/ year 460 €/ year
2’500 €/ recovery Free recovery*
* Covering every kind of strain loss without specifying reason (including infection, infertility of single breeders, colony mismanagement etc.), but not covering shipment, or shipment to any other facility than your own.

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