Our advantage

PolyGene is one of the key players on the Transgenic Animal market since more than 15 years. We are renown experts in all sophisticated high-tech methods needed to deliver a transgenic animal knock-in or knock-out model, from devising the strategy, through all cloning and microingection steps, to the delivery of the animals to the customer. Our strength lies in our unique knowledge and profound experience, passion for detail and absolute control of quality. Furthermore, unlike our competitors we are not simply offering standard and well established technologies. On the contrary, we are running an ambitious in house research program delivering improvements of existing transgenic methods and enlarging our unique proprietary technology portfolio. We therefore deliver animal models faster, with absolute success guarantee and unlimited further support.

To accommodate the needs of our customers in the best possible way, our offers have a modular design. The customer decides on his own which steps in the generation of the animal model he would like to leave to us and which he wants to potentially perform at his own company or academic institution.

We at PolyGene understand the financial constrains, which many of our academic customers face today. We therefore have special discounts that we offer only to our academic customers. Needless to say, a lower price does not mean worse quality. Our strict internal quality control system insures that our academic and industrial customers receive same experience and quality level guarantee.

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