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The overall aim of CAM-PaC is to use a strongly SME-driven approach to contribute to solving the socioeconomic and health challenges of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma by an integrative and systematic functional analysis of pancreatic cancer candidate genes pre-selected and pre-characterised by members of the consortium in previous and ongoing HT-omics approaches.

CAM-PaC develops novel cellular and animal models for this aim, as well as novel strategies to analyse and integrate large scale metabolic, transcriptomic and genetic data. CAM-PaC systematically identifies, characterises and validates novel targets for therapeutic intervention and bioinfomatic models for predictive diagnostics.

PolyGene’s role is to supply these models (close to 20 novel mouse models), and on the other hand, to develop novel tools for gene expression regulation based on the antibiotic-driven expression systems currently already available at PolyGene, and patent protect them.

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