Inspiring ECTS meeting and PolyGene seminar continued

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Last tuesday ended the 44th European Calcified Tissue Society Congress (ECTS) in Salzburg, Austria and PolyGene looks back on vivid talks and fruitful networking.

Every year, ECTS creates a platform for researchers and clinicians working in the musculoskeletal field to strengthen collaborations and discuss the latest advances.
PolyGene brings great expertise in developing relevant in vivo models of rare skeletal and common skeletal diseases to many european research institutes (e.g. within the EU-funded SYBIL program).

The next PolyGene Seminar will take place June 1th at the Swiss institute for regenerative medicine (SIRM) in Taverne – Torricella, Switzerland.

Dr. Doron Shmerling, CEO of PolyGene and research scientist Dr. Péter Horváth present our latest in-house research on inducible gene expression systems, as well as genetic modifications using CRISPR/Cas9 and similar technologies.
Get more information on our event calendar, we are looking forward meeting you soon.