Great news for PolyGene and collaborators under the same purpose

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PolyGene AG, together with TargetEx Kft. (Hungary), Intelligent Pharma (Spain) and University of Zürich (Switzerland), received European funding to continue PolyGene’s ambitious research program on gene regulation tools, and to successfully bring these expression systems to the market.

SwitchItOn will generate a toolbox of novel genomic switches, opening new avenues of experimental design for many areas of research, including systems biology and cancer biology. This breakthrough technology will allow for the first time for the regulation of multiple genes of interest, transgenes or endogenous genes, independently of each other, not only systemic, but also cell type and tissue specific, developmentally regulated and fully reversible. In order to bring these expression systems to the market, all these systems will be optimized by increasing their tightness, inducibility, sensitivity and reversibility.

For further information on the progress, consult our website on our Unique and powerful systems for inducible gene expression control.

Gene regulation tools are a key instrument in the design of complex cell culture models, and of transgenic animal models.