Transgenics Service Details

Vector (plasmid, BAC or piggyBAC) Construction 1-3 months

Transgenic expression vectors can be constructed based on individual requirements, and on available sequences and base constructs.

  • assembly of standard expression cassettes (promoter and gene of interest)
  • assembly of transgenes activated by Cre-recombinase
  • inclusion of additional control elements, and construct sizes of up to 25 kb
  • establishment of founder/offspring screening
  • establishment of a quantification procedure for transgenes
Pronucleus Microinjection 2-4 months
  • preparation of vector DNA, isolation of an appropriate fragment and injection of zygotes
  • transfer into IVC-held foster mothers
  • maintenance and genotyping of offspring

Dependent on the mouse strain and vector, a minimum number of offspring and founder is guaranteed.

Determination of copy number

PolyGene offers to determine the copy number of the transgene via quantitative real-time PCR. Contact us for more information.

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