• Novel humanized mouse model for heart disease research July 11, 2017 polygene

    Sudden cardiac death is caused by arrhythmias, which is defined as any deviation of the heart beat. Electrical heart disease leading to arrhythmias represents a major public health issue.

    The histidine-rich calcium-binding protein (HRC) Ser96Ala variant is known as potential biomarker for sudden cardiac death in patients with a heart muscle disease. HRC is a regulator ...

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  • LRP4 mouse model helps to understand rare skeletal disease June 1, 2017 polygene

    Sclerosteosis is a rare autosomal recessive bone disorder marked by excessive bone growth of the skull and tubular bones. Up to now, research showed: sclerosteosis was caused by loss-of-function mutations in the SOST gene, encoding sclerostin.

    Recently, researchers within the european SYBIL consortium identified disease causing mutations in LRP4, a binding partner of sclerostin, ...

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