Open Calls

Partner with PolyGene in open scientific research calls.

PolyGene is eager to collaborate on future projects to enhance biomedical research and development.

If you have a project idea for one of the open calls and if it involves the generation of genome engineering, please get in contact with us; depending on the detailed call text and your requirements, we will participate as a consultant, a partner, but also as a (co-)coordinator.

COST Action „European Epitranscriptomics Network” – Looking for Cooperations

This EU funded COST action EPITRAN hopes to understand the role of RNA modification in physiology and pathology and by that identify novel disease biomarkers and drug targets.
PolyGene is active member and recently participated in the kick-off meeting in Brussels.
Join us in the epitranscriptomic revolution.

EUROSTARS – Application closed

This call ended March 2017. Thanks for participating.

For a future Eurostars grant application we are looking for collaborative european partners with skills in

  • Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modeling for in silico structure determination and protein-DNA binding optimization
  • Protein Chemistry to set up innovative screening assays (e.g. EMSA, SPR) for DNA binding mutants with improved functional properties
Gene regulation tools are a key instrument in the design of complex cell culture models, and of transgenic animal models. A small number of such regulations exist and are widely applied, amongst which the derivatives of a bacterial tetracycline defense system (“Tet”), and an estrogen-based regulation (“ER-T2”) are the most prominent ones.
PolyGene has developed powerful novel inducible systems based on the antibiotic erythromycin and on the glucocorticoid hormone RU486/mifepristone..
To improve the prototypes in terms of tightness (low leaky expression in absence of inducer), high inducibility, reversibility, low toxicity of the inducing agent, high sensitivity, low toxicity of DNA elements of the induction system and high bioavailability of the inducer, we are searching for partners.
The final deliverable of the project will be a commercially available kit containing plasmids, cells, reagents for researchers from academia and industry allowing them to perform inducible (multi)gene expression studies in vivo.

Eurostars grant applications have one of the highest success rates compared to similar endeavors, and a supreme financial compensation. Find more information on Eurostars website.


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