We look back on a successful LS2 Meeting at University of Zürich

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Lets start with a quote from Didier Picard from University of Geneva and Chair of the LS2 Annual Meeting 2017 in Zürich:

If you are a life scientist in Switzerland, this is the place to be and to be seen, at least once a year. Its dense program is designed to appeal to everyone, to give everyone the opportunity, again at least once a year, to get exposed to great science in their own field, but also to exciting and thought – provoking stuff from different fields or from the interfaces between science and the real world. The LS2 meeting is a great opportunity to network, to meet your old buddies from your undergraduate days, graduate school, and committees you have served on, your former professors, many of your suppliers, your current and future collaborators, and perhaps your future boss.

We had a great time there, meeting indeed old friends and customers but also created new bonds to possible future collaborations.
Our CEO Doron Shmerling has been an invited speaker within the Session “Start a start-up”. He brought his longlasting experience in managing a small enterprise to more than 150 students.