Stephan Sonntag

Stephan Sonntag

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Senior Project Manager & Genome Editing Specialist; Animal Facility Manager

Stephan is our gene targeting and genome editing specialist. He has a background as mouse geneticist, a long track record of generating animal models, and is our specialist for nuclease based genome editing. Stephan is taking part in several EU funded project as work packaged leader or project manager, most notably in the SYBIL consortium where PolyGene is generating mouse models for bone and cartilage research.
For questions regarding PolyGenes animal facility he is also the person to contact.
Stephan joined PolyGene 2011 as project manager for gene targeting and transgenic projects. Prior to working at PolyGene, Stephan started his scientific career first as a Ph.D. student and later on as a postdoc in the Institute for Genetics at the University of Bonn (Germany), with Prof. Klaus Willecke. As a geneticist and cell biologist, his main field of research was the function of horizontal cells in the mouse retina. His primary target were gap junction proteins in the retina. A number of peer reviewed publications prove his excellent scientific track record.
He is also a passionate runner. If you’re lucky you can see him speeding around Zürich airport.

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