Stefan Selbert

Stefan Selbert

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Executive Director Business & Development

From his academic and commercial path, first as a post-doc at the University in Edinburgh (Scotland) and the Medical School in Lübeck (Germany) and later on as a project manager being responsible for R&D in the biotech industry, Stefan brings very far-reaching insight and hands-on experience in the field of ES-cell technology, in-vitro-differentiation, as well as in the generation, the analysis and the exploitation of animal models of human disease. Innovation in genome engineering is his passion.
Stefan Selbert is married, has two teenage kids and loves endurance sports.
He achieved his Ph.D. at the Max-Planck-Institute of Biochemistry in Martinsried and holds a certificate in business administration. He also functions as a scientific and ethics evaluator in Brussels and the EUREKA Eurostar program and is your primary contact point for the initiation of co-operative projects.

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